Primary Markets Quest Supports


Quest Metal Products is the trusted name across Metal Manufacturing industries for precision fabrication. With Quality Experience in laser cutting, metal forming, CNC machining, welding, powder coating, and more, we deliver full scale manufacturing and assembly for both High Volume and Low Volume outputs. These Industries depend on our capabilities to carry out solutions to fill each customer’s specific needs. 

Our Role in Advancing Metal Manufacturing


Quest Metal Products is a reliable source of durable truck components, guaranteeing performance and dependability on highways and challenging terrains alike.


The Medical Industry demands precision, and Quest Metal Products meets the challenge with complete crafted components for medical tables, ensuring the safety and reliability of essential equipment utilized in healthcare settings worldwide.


Quest believes Farming & Agricultural practices are the backbone of America, with this Quest creates indispensable components for agricultural machinery, enabling farmers to enhance efficiency and productivity in their operations.


Building for longevity requires resilience, and Quest rises to the occasion with bespoke steel components for construction projects, ensuring stability and durability of buildings and infrastructure.


Utility Vehicle

Dedicated to supporting service members and law enforcement, Quest supports utility vehicle components engineered for solid rigidity and long-lasting durability. Essential for transportation, overall maintenance, and emergency response, these components play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of public services, contributing to smooth function & form. 


Elevating the rider experience, our engineered components aren’t just about performance—they’re also designed to create a specific and captivating sound. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each part adds an auditory dimension to your ride, resonating with riders.

Vehicle Upfit

Creating top-tier vehicle upfitting solutions, from custom storage and racking to emergency equipment, are all designed to optimize functionality and enhance vehicle performance.


In the demanding aerospace sector, Quest Metal Products supplies high-quality metal parts and assemblies, meeting stringent safety and reliability standards for aircraft vehicles, ensuring the success and the safety of passengers and crew.



Supporting the automotive industry by designing and manufacturing parts, supports, and specialty components, all engineered to enhance vehicle efficiency and reliability.