Services: Start to Finish

Quest Metal Products utilizes full in-house capabilities to bring your ideas to fruition. Experience our efficient and precise process that takes your vision from initial concept to final product.

Our Process

1. Connect With Quest

Start the process by simply calling sales customer service directly for immediate assistance, send an email detailing your inquiry or request, or use the Request a Quote form for a more structured submission.

2. Design or Quote to Specification 

Once you’ve established a business relationship with Quest, we start the Quoting process. This ensures you receive a clear quote tailored to your specifications, whether it’s for high or low volume production quantities, a multitude of materials and an array of different coatings. Additionally, Quest assists businesses throughout the design phase, ensuring precise tolerances and optimizing overall manufacturing efficiency.

3. Advanced Product Quality Planning

At Quest, our commitment to quality is exemplified through our Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) process, which stands at the center of our planning endeavors. By prioritizing APQP, Quest is dedicated to delivering products of the highest caliber, while identifying potential risks, setting stringent quality benchmarks, and implementing measures to ensure untampered products. 


4. Laser Cutting

Using Bodor laser technology to provide precise and efficient laser cutting services. Quest’s services can work with Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and Brass sheets up to 60″ x 120+, achieving precise cuts with thicknesses up to 1 7/9” for Carbon Steel, 2” for Stainless Steel and Aluminum, and ½” for Brass. This technology allows us to meet diverse customer needs while maintaining quick turnaround times and high-quality results.

5. CNC Machining

Quest leverages CNC machining technology to provide reliable and efficient machining services. Our capabilities include 5-Axis Milling, CNC Turning, rapid pallet changing, high-speed aluminum extrusion cutting, and high-speed CNC threading, accommodating both large and small part profiles. By working with industry leaders like Mazak, Haas, and Brother CNC, we ensure precise and dependable results for both high and low-volume production. Our facility, equipped with Mastercam software and various CNC tools, allows us to deliver consistent, high-quality components efficiently, making us a dependable partner for all your machining needs.

6. CNC MEtal Forming

CNC metal forming is a crucial step in our manufacturing process, ensuring that each component meets precise specifications before final assembly. Using advanced Cincinnati Incorporated Press Brakes, we achieve high-precision bends and shapes essential for complex projects.

7. Tube Fabrication

Tube fabrication process is a key step in our workflow, ensuring precise and high-quality components. We handle tubing from 0.25” to 5” using CNC, rotary mandrel, compression, and roll bending, along with services like high-speed cutting, CNC end forming, brazing, and in-house chrome plating. High-pressure cleaning and Millipore testing ensure internal cleanliness, while coating, welding, and threading provide robust finishes. This process seamlessly integrates into our overall manufacturing, delivering components that meet exact specifications and maintaining high standards throughout production.


8. Welding

Welding stands as a pilar of our manufacturing process, ensuring the strength and durability of our components. Our diverse welding techniques include Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding, prized for its versatility and speed, producing welds of utmost quality. Additionally, our employment of resistance welding harnesses pressure and localized heat to forge robust welds efficiently, eliminating the need for excess materials and offering a cost-effective solution. Furthermore, Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding, renowned for its precision, allows us to delicately weld thin stainless steel, aluminum, and other alloys, providing control for stronger welds. These welding methods seamlessly integrate into our production flow, guaranteeing the delivery of precise components that meet quality standards.

9. Powder Coating & Finishing 

Powder coating and finishing represent integral stages in the manufacturing process at Quest Metal Products. Through powder coating, a dry powder is applied to metal surfaces, which, when cured under heat, forms a durable and visually appealing finish. Our finishing services encompass various techniques to perfect every detail, from smoothing rough edges to applying protective coatings and decorative touches. By emphasizing powder coating and finishing, we ensure that our components not only meet but exceed quality standards, delivering products that boast performance and aesthetic appeal.

Final Assembly, Packaging & Delivery

10. Assembly

The assembly line process focuses on delivering quality and finished goods. With attention to detail and a dedicated team, we ensure that every product meets our high standards before it leaves our facility. Our streamlined system ensures smooth movement throughout the assembly process, resulting in well-crafted and durable products. 

 11. Shipping, Delivery & Logistics 

We take great pride to ensure your products reach you safely and on time. Just as much effort goes into packaging and labeling as it does in the design and fabrication process. Our team works diligently to coordinate efficient routes, so your order arrives in the best condition.